Interval Classes

These diagrams show how all 7 interval classes lay out on the neck: For any given interval, how you would reach it starting on any string, and reaching either up or down the neck. If you are not familiar with the term "interval class", briefly, an interval class is any given interval plus it's inversion: so for example, a perfect fifth inverted becomes a perfect fourth; and both these intervals are interval class 5.

I used the somewhat limited features of the diagram printing software to lay out the intervals on these diagrams: but in general, markers of the same color are either the same pitch or at least in the same octave, and going up in octaves changes color (there are only 3 colors to work with, so if there is a fourth octave, the first color repeats). The dotted markers are all the same pitch class on the diagram; so going from a dotted marker to a plain one is one interval, and vice-versa is the interval's inversion.

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