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Diatonic Tetrachord
Fretboard Diagrams!

Dubbed the Whole-Half-Whole

Do you play guitar? Enjoy:

The Whole Guitar Neck is an authentic, and concise, guitar method; based only on musical rudiments, and an easy learning path.

Primary components are large books of guitar neck charts; of various scales, in all chords, and all modes. Our method then brings you a firm grasp, within any fingering on any diagram; along the whole neck.

Our large charts also help you discover chord voicings, phrase fingerings, the positions, movement, and many other things all over the neck; and, our method will bring you all the way past merely shapes, and give you the musical orientations that allow you to play the music, anywhere, without baggage.

(11" × 17")

(11" × 17")

Many of you may be quite familiar with scale diagrams. So we just want to let you know that we're not providing a cut-short presentation of scale diagrams; and nor is this merely a cluttered collage of boxy pictures to assemble! Our easy rudiments-based method is musically sound, and that is what simply leads out to all of these shapes on the whole neck; and, it is concise.

Our method is based only on the music; while still as easy to grasp as a simple looking diagram.

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Reference materials in music theory and science: things to hang on the woodshed walls!

There's also Pitch and BPM calculators!

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This still makes us one society

Steven Coco is a lifelong musician, and plays guitar: music started before "pick-pass" in elementary school! Blessed to have been a material part of more than one world's-first, and, award-winning music and audio projects, since he was 16, Steven is also a patent holder, has checked-in to a Java™ implementation, as a Teamster he's had torn calendars thrown on his head from skyscrapers, he's summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on a ten-day fast, he's taller, younger, and stronger in his fifties, he's Vegan; and even much more! Steven holds a University BM, from the acclaimed Music Performance with emphasis in Sound Recording Technology program, at UMass. He also holds post graduate certifications, and remains high spirited! "Be blessed!" Steven lives near New York.

I summited MT Kilimanjaro in a 10-day fast! No food for 10 days, and, two days to the summit with no water!

Plus, I took a hard route, I carried my gear, and I'm wearing discount sports store layers! — And I didn't buy no "tour": I landed on my feet and scouted my own required guides: thanks to Anthony and Albert 4ever! The bumping jeep ride out and the club night were the kicker!